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Name | LINK CITY Experience Center, Wuhan

项目名称 | 武汉万科华生柏叶新城       

Area | 1400㎡

项目面积 | 1400㎡     

Location | Siming District, Xiamen City

项目地址 | 中国 武汉    

Client | Wuhan VANKE

开发单位 | 武汉万科 

The crisscrossing of transportation road networks forms the base of modern cities. With the rail transit station as the center, roads, people flow and consumption are forming a huge community gathering field in the city, which is the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional TOD urban development mode. Taking the "railroad city" as the entry point, One Square plans the overall space as a future train, and uses the romantic mood of the train shuttling between the mountains and rivers to guide and constitute the movement line and functional arrangement of people in the space. The greenery of the wilderness and the halo of the tunnel of light become the scenery of the receding scene during the journey.


Vanke has been cultivating Wuhan for more than 20 years, from exploring the potential of the land and building a good living scene to the city-making concept around the city and its people today, always with the determination to develop together with the city, finding and shaping a balance between rapid urban expansion and residential quality improvement, urban public space and personal social space, urban construction and development and spiritual core. Along with the gradual improvement of transportation and planning, Hannan officially ascends to the south of Wuhan - China Che Valley, and becomes the first choice for the location of Wuhan Vanke's first TOD rail city. The first CO-life in Central China, Wuhan Vanke Huasheng Baiye New City Experience Center, is officially landed, and a new urban center is rising.