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Name | CR Land JiaXing The Future City

项目名称 | 华润置地 杨家门万象未来社区       

Area | 1600㎡

项目面积 | 1600㎡     

Location | Jia Xing, China

项目地址 | 中国 嘉兴 

Client | CR Land

开发单位 | 华润置地 

A new type of urban unit


As the first comprehensive project built by China Resources for Tongxiang, Tongxiang China Resources Land Centre, with a mega volume of 720,000 square meters, is a "super engine" empowered by intelligent technology, and in the name of "future community", it realizes a comprehensive coverage of living, consumption, leisure, work, health and education, It is a new type of ideal urban living unit. A new type of ideal urban living unit is being born.


The possibilities of the site


In the shadow of the wutong trees and the watery Tongxiang, Jiaxing China Resources takes a forward-looking attitude and concept of life, with a new iteration of the living form of the times, leading people from the small town of Tongxiang to look far into the jumble of the prosperous world. China Resources has positioned this project as a "Future Community 2.0" and One Square is responsible for the hard furnishing design of this project.


Focusing on the real life experience


After the first floor is returned to the community, the design leaves the planning of the second and third floors to the functional units required by different people. Focusing on the realities of the functional experience, the extension of the spatial block relationship is used to explore the future state of the community in terms of how functions are compounded and overlapped, while creating a sense of free flow and scene in the different levels of space.