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项目名称 | 市政·国贸海屿原    

Area | 520㎡

项目面积 | 520㎡     

Location | XiaMen, China

项目地址 | 中国 厦门

Client | ITG

开发单位 | 国贸

Floating in the sea of memory thoughts, scattered egret island.Relive the old dream of South Asia in the modern city and create "Sea Memory" in the city center.Xiamen is born by the sea. This charming blue sea not only carries people's emotional and cultural memories for a long time, but also inspires endless aesthetic inspiration during the long urban development, which flows and infiltrates into the spirit symbol of Xiamen city.


From focusing on the core of the island to reconstruct the layout of the city's luxury homes, to the east of Egret Island to fully open the urban skeleton, in the course of the flood of times, Xiamen is transforming from a sea island city to a world bay area city.As if growing naturally from this island, the entry of the design, with the inclusive power given by the ocean and culture, is a place to create a natural relaxation field, a space rooted in the sea culture, and an invisible oasis of Xiamen coast.Natural sense of olive green, in the marble rippling like water like halo open texture, formed a kind of introverted and quiet feelings. ‍ Space flows slowly here, and brings people's sense and mood of space exploration, completely immersed, into this space journey like the secret sea.