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Name | Foremost Land

项目名称 | 华润置地成都锦官首著

Area | 600㎡

项目面积 | 600㎡     

Location |Chengdu, China

项目地址 | 中国 成都

Client | CR Land

开发单位 | 华润置地

In this project, we talk about the comfort of the Chengdu people at heart. A site to be revived, a blank piece of rice paper, a story to be told - how to wield the ink, how to euphemistically tell it, and about its conception, ties and landings.


From the possibilities of the venue to the eaves of the city of Chengdu. A few bamboo chairs, a pot of tea, sitting on the patio of a Chengdu courtyard, listening to the wind in the bamboo forest and talking about the untamed sky, this is the old-school taste of Chengdu. In the space, the bamboo becomes a sense of sequence that divides the scale, and the patio becomes a skylight with an upward view, replacing the leisure and relaxation of the courtyard with the sinking of the view and position of the negotiation area. The old-fashioned wooden latticework of the window caskets is a perfect example of this. The old-fashioned wooden latticework of the windows is transformed into a modern, horizontal and vertical aluminium panel, and the space is transformed into a roofed living room with a view of the landscape framed within.


From the possibility of material to the everyday liveliness of Chengdu


The greenery of the bamboo forest and the sunlit courtyard reflect each other with today's daily life and the modern urban fabric. The design is an expression of Chengdu, but it is also an expression of life. To introduce nature, to perceive nature and to be surrounded by nature is one of the ideas of spatial organisation. The shadows of the trees and the shimmering water are reflected in each other, activating the visitors to the space to walk through it. Only then do we realise that light and shadow alone are so moving ......