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Name | Zhengzhou Vanke Boulevard

项目名称 | 郑州万科山河道

Area | 800㎡

项目面积 | 800㎡     

Location | Zhengzhou, China

项目地址 | 中国 郑州

Client | Vanke

开发单位 | 万科集团

From the world to Zhengzhou, from New York's Manhattan Central Park to Zhengzhou's Ersha Industrial Park, when the West meets the East, when the park meets the modern metropolis, Vanke has come for the city in this Central Plains homeland - a perspective of integration, a new interface of modern metropolitan life, in the midst of the city's prosperity, to nurture people's ideal living field.


Zhengzhou Vanke Shanhedao - Read the mountains and rivers, return your heart to your hometown.


Symbiosis with borders


Zhengzhou Vanke Shanhedao, which is just one road away from the Ersha Cultural and Creative Park, has put itself in unison with Ersha, one of the four historical and cultural districts of Zhengzhou, from the very beginning of the project planning. Even the architecture of the entire project, all in tribute to the architect Stern, adopts a modern metropolitan style that combines classical humanity with contemporary elegance. The simple lines of the silhouette and the elegant strokes of the modern urban style create a classic facade of elegant and dignified architecture. The parkland aesthetic community landscape eco-system is built on the concept of "mountains and rivers", with mountains and rivers as neighbours, surrounded by greenery, forming a model of urban park life in symbiosis with nature and reflecting each other with the architecture.


Neutralisation of the East and the West


Following the 'momentum' of the building, the interior design is introduced with a sense of reconciliation. The simplicity and elegance of the Western style and the poetry of the East, with the delicate touch of directing people's emotional experience, are interwoven into the scale, layers and texture of expression at the moment of entering the space. The light-coloured lime walls and parquet marble flooring create an aura of spirituality and elegance that completes the functional shaping of the space while also becoming an expression of artistic decoration. Amongst the dark finishes in the background of the space, a green corrugated tile is embedded in the background in a sequential arrangement, blending into the first momentary impression of the reception lobby. The light colour is like glazed light, bringing back the western vintage to the poetry of the east.



The natural enclosure of the landscape and the building creates a relationship between the space itself and the external landscape, as if under a tree. No matter where one is in the space, one can walk and visit, looking into the details and into the distance, in the light of the shifting greenery, as if in a relaxed mood under the shade of the trees. The complexity of the forms fills up the wandering field of vision, and it is at this point that decoration needs to be subtracted from the space. The glowing, burnt light, like the gentle texture of jade, reflects and renders the haze of the watery glass, the vintage of the parquet flooring and the texture of the hand-made brickwork of the corridor's surface, one by one. The narrow and long building provides the premise for the construction of the 'gallery'.


With the landscape


In the long box architectural environment, the design is set in the middle of a transept - like the 'neck' of the space - which lightly connects the two main parts of the space, the reception and exhibition area and the negotiation area, which is mainly for discussion and relaxation. Here, the skylight opens upwards and the natural interventions on both sides, bringing in the light and scenery from outside, and focusing people's eyes inwards - a deep black wooden table and a bunch of white monarchs, swaying the elegance and movement of the space.


Seeking truth from experience


Most people's residential aspirations are more akin to the calming view and tangible experience of a manor house than to the distant view of the urban landscape. So it is said that true luxury lies in having an intimate private space and an open outdoor domain at the same time. Through the 'narrow doors' of the gallery, the negotiation area is presented in a swift and open relationship. A flame-like warmth of the light sources, lit and reinforced by black lacquer panels, gives the space an atmosphere of conversation that is both noisy and immersive, and transforms the eye from a 'curious' view of the space to a relaxed state of mind with real experience and feeling.