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Name | Xi'an China Overseas Property The New Times

项目名称 | 西安中海开元壹号       

Area | 820㎡

项目面积 | 820㎡     

Location | Xi'an, China

项目地址 | 中国 西安  

Client | Xi'an China Overseas Property Xingsheng Real Estate Co.

开发单位 | 西安中海兴晟房地产有限公司 

A City of Chang'an


How many dreams of prosperity  


Xi'an, which has been dressed in fresh clothes for more than 3,000 years


Every time people look back at it,It is covered with the dust of time.

人们每一次对它的回望 都沾满了时间的尘埃

In the name of Zichen, in 2022, China Shipping settled in the Daminggong area of Qujiang, Xi'an, and launched a new ultimate improvement product, China Shipping - One Kaiyuan | Zichen, all the way from the Daminggong Ruins Park in Xi'an. Although the Daminggong Ruins Park is no longer the "Oriental Sanctuary" it once was, its huge volume and prime location in the core of the main city make it the "Central Park" of Xi'an in the true sense. The design is based on this premise.

以紫宸之名,2022年,中海落子西安曲江大明宫板块,在西安大明宫遗址公园的一路之隔,推出了全新终极改善产品——中海·開元壹号 | 紫宸。虽然如今的大明宫遗址公园已不再是曾经的“东方圣殿”,但其庞大的体量与主城核心区的黄金位置,却让它成为了真正意义上的西安“中央公园”。设计在这样的前提下展开。

Even today, the context of the times and people's lifestyles have quietly changed, but this oriental poetic nature, which originates from Chang'an's history and memories, still holds people's emotions, spirit, and the heart phase of perceiving all things. The long history and heavy culture are the ancient flavor of Chang'an. The old times and the contemporary style are the image of Xi'an today. The cultural gap between the ancient and the modern, the East and the West, the past and the future, is the subject that design needs to balance and discern in this case.


And ONE-CU's response is to ask questions to the times with a contemporary gaze. With the oriental poetry traced in the cultural memory, it is provided with the path to its contemporary expression. Here, culture is no longer a pile of Tang poetry and Song lyrics, but the poetry of the present, not symbolic mahogany carving, but the temperament of the present, not a splitting and breaking with the past, but a continuous and flowing power and spirit.