COMPANY    品牌介绍
ONE-CU | 壹方

ONE, a linear symbol symbolizes the extension of time.


CU represents the volume of building and the 3D form of space.


As an innovative design firm engaged in design, R&D and consulting services to branded commercial real estate, boutique resort hotels, and creative offices, ONE-CU Design brings together outstanding designers from well-known design institutions at home and abroad. Since its founding, it has established long-term cooperation with branded developers e.g. Vanke, Poly, China Resources, China Shipping, by holding reverence of the project, respecting relationship between human and space, and skillful creating product value and spatial experience deserved by the project proceeding from project strategy, product logic and site conditions. The ONE-CU design team has been sticking to breaking down the boundaries of creation by itself and exploring the core of brand and project, so that each design is endowed with its own warmth and value.



黄剑锋 H.

The Creative Director and Founder of ONE-CU Interior Design

ONE-CU壹方设计 创意总监/创始人

The International Jury for Frame Awards 2023

荷兰Frame Awards 2023 国际评委

Representative interior designer of the new generation in China


As the founder of ONE-CU Design, a comprehensive service agency focused on providing design research and development, consulting and other design integration solutions for China's real estate sector. Mr. Huang Jianfeng has devoted himself to the strategic research and spatial emotion expression of real estate projects for more than ten years; he is good at creating spatial attributes with customer cognitive power from project strategy, product logic and spatial experience; with the fear of the project, he leads his team to continuously develop high-end living aesthetics and promote product iteration and upgrade; his works have won many model area benchmarks and domestic and international design awards, and he is an outstanding representative of China's new designers. He is an outstanding representative of China's new designers.


TEAM | 团队