深圳中海 珑悦理
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Name | Luxury Lounge

项目名称 | 深圳中海珑悦理    

Area | 1100㎡

项目面积 | 1100㎡     

Location | ShenZhen, China

项目地址 | 中国 深圳 

Client | China Overseas Property

开发单位 | 中海地产

This is Shenzhen, where buildings are rising, people are ambitious, young and diverse forces are merging, and the city's history and future are being written. If we want to express the future of China's cities, this is undeniably the best "sample".The future of cities, although often focused on grandiose propositions-technology, low-carbon, intelligence ...... The future of cities is often focused on grandiose propositions - technology, low-carbon, smart - giant skyscrapers, dazzling digital technology. But in its essence, it ultimately needs to serve people, with people feeling the present. How to reflect the value of ordinary people's daily and small life, and how to take care of people's emotional hope and inner barrenness.


In this project, One Square tries to express the young city as we know it, and expects to start from here to find the sincerity between people and urban life today. Amidst the speed and efficiency of this international city, we use a little bit of slowness, lightness and inward sensibility to reconcile with the anxieties of the times. A modern city like a concrete forest can also blossom into a flower of life. Shenzhen North Railway Station, the new core of the city. A sophisticated and bustling urban interface, a highly integrated commercial district, in the center of the city with its many high-rise buildings, the design will preserve the interaction with nature and the warmth of living in a compelling, integrated and sustainable way. Paying homage to the beautiful life in the midst of the city's bustle, Shenzhen's first "Lounge Living Space"-Zhonghai Longyue Li-begins on such a premise.


Based on the densely built-up interior of the site and the urgent architectural environment of the vertical space, the designer brings the focus of spatial construction into the exploration of the spatial form of the internal scenario, the expression of the value of urban life and living. The natural surroundings and flowing streetscape coexist harmoniously, while the culture of the elites and the daily life of the residents reflect each other. At this point, the intention of internal construction becomes concrete and meaningful. Utilizing the current height difference of the site itself, and echoing the view of the street, the design for this case has planned a spatial layout of block-type aggregation and distribution, following the natural state of the internal line of motion, each functional area, one by one, fall into place. Comfortable and loose tone, immersed in a soothing atmosphere to create a self-inclusive, vertical inward-looking space. The art glass is cut in a grid pattern and cut down through the 8-meter height, forming a path that is like a trail, twisting and turning, and constantly elevating. Following the twists and turns of the wooden staircase, the gentle feeling of natural materials and the haze of the art glass, in the interplay of a bunch of windows, separate the hustle and bustle of the modern city from the harshness of the modern city, and reveal the softness of the space's original intention.


What the design does is not so much creation and optimization, but rather a kind of guidance and response. Diversified cultures and multi-dimensional scenes are controlled and guided by a kind of control and guidance of the spatial tone, where they merge and rise, transforming into the essence and truth of the space to respond to the demands for a more efficient urban life and a prosperous urban interface that this case faces. As a community supporting use, this project creates a variety of functional scenarios for the community, such as coffee, book bar, office, lounge, fitness ...... with sustainable planning considerations. From the outside of the space, to the inside of people, connecting the isolated island of each person's life into an archipelago, opening up the imagination of a life without boundaries and intermingling. At this point, the intervention of materials will be presented as an expressive power that fits the functional attributes of the space. The vigor of natural materials and the selection of artistic materials follow the relaxing and soothing feeling of the space, superimposing and combining them to form the layers and texture of spatial expression. The gentle wood finishes in the Shared Book Café and the uniquely shaped artwork in the VIP room, with their soft power and soothing atmosphere, all respond to people's feelings and experiences, forming the structure of the space itself. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the space expresses its sincerity to the city with the real sense of life.