厦门中海 国贸上城
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 Name | ITG Top Mansion Experience Center

项目名称 | 中海·国贸上城       

Area | 1450㎡

目面积 | 1450㎡     

Location | Siming District, Xiamen City

项目地址 | 厦门 思明区   

Client | Xiamen China Overseas Property

开发单位 | 厦门中海地产 

Today, when we type "Xiamen" into a search engine, the top three keywords are often literary, fresh and foreign ...... From the beginning of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the land was just 130 square kilometers, to the century-old fishing port, which "reached the West by the side of the West, and the merchant ships were poor", to the literary mecca of "sunshine, beach and old villas". If one is willing to look back at the history of this city spanning more than 600 years, one will easily find that Xiamen can hardly be categorized as a single "Netflix persona" or "literary label". Standing on the island and looking at the world from afar, it has long been transformed by different cultures and has grown out of its own cultural diversity.

今天,当我们在搜索引擎上输入“厦门”,位列前三位的关键词,常常是文艺、清新、洋气...... 从宋元明清伊始,不过130平方公里的弹丸之地,到“旁达西洋,商舶四穷”的百年渔港,再到“阳光、沙滩、老别墅”的文青圣地。如果人们愿意稍稍回望这座跨越600多年的城市发展历史,会轻易发现,厦门很难被归纳为单一的“网红人设”或“文艺标签”。立于海岛,远望世界,它早在不同文化的转化中,自顾自地生长出了本土文化的多元性。

The world's heron island is the only Siming. Centuries of Siming accumulation, condensed Xiamen's city pride. The yellowing old photos are mottled, and the old sea is soft and quiet, hiding the glory of this city, the glory of the times and the memory of civilization. From the urban terroir to the scenes of the times, in the focus of the era of urban upgrading, in 2021, the central enterprise Zhonghai, the "giant of engineering", and the Xiamen state-owned enterprise "master of quality", Guomao, met with the island core Siming. The extremely scarce land value, high-density resources gathering, and world-class positioning of the era, with the quality value that is comparable to the world and international, recreate the true meaning of luxury residential life at the upper level.


This is where China Shipping - China World Trade Uptown, the long-awaited work of Siming for ten years, is located.


Time looks back to find the old traces of Xiamen. The design entry, with the empathy with culture and memory, and the tolerance with the life of the times, intends to establish a connection with the city's past, present and future. Just as the coexistence of diversity is the vividness and inner storage of Xiamen city, ONE-CU design team expects to build a bridge of dialogue between the cultural life of Xiamen and the contemporary elite circle life in the form of design, and to build a pluralistic fullness of space.


The red-brick ancient houses and wooden carvings of foreign buildings; reminiscing the city's customs and tracing the maritime culture; looking for opportunities in the memory of color blocks overlooking the island city of Xiamen, and extracting inspiration from the dense and broad high canopy of Phoenix wood. Here, space is the "translation" of design to the city.