金茂 博物馆CHAO文化馆
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Name | Jinmao Museum Yue Chao Clture Center

项目名称 | 金茂 博物悦CHAO文化馆       

Area | 850㎡

项目面积 | 850㎡     

Location | Foshan, Guangdong Provinces

项目地址 | 广东 佛山    

Client | Foshan Jinmao

开发单位 | 金茂佛山    

Today, whether it is a new tea drink or a new coffee force, they are all trying to superimpose experiences and scenarios on the traditional retail relationship of buying and selling, expecting to explore the possibility of transforming into a "third space" in the city, in addition to living and working. A cafe is a public social gathering place created by "experience" and "scene".


Inspired by this, Jinmao joined hands with ONE-CU interior design team to create the first Jinmao immersive "Coffee CHAO Culture Museum" in South China on the golden axis of Foshan's Qiandeng Lake, taking "coffee" as the theme design concept. Art Museum". The main story line of the space is to incorporate the real process of coffee making such as roasting, grinding, brewing and its cultural and creative peripheral derivatives, and to carry the commercial functions of negotiation, display, retail and marketing, forming a streamline connection of the whole space function and dynamic line.


With the emergence of the new consumption model, marketing centers with sales as the core have begun to change the focus of space composition from "product-oriented" to "experience-oriented", and through the construction of scenes and themes, a new space image of "product quality plus experience quality" is formed, thus opening people's imagination about lifestyle. Through the construction of scenes and themes, the new space image of "product quality plus experience quality" is formed, thus opening people's imagination for lifestyle. A marketing center is a kind of exploration expression based on design, giving people a proposal of good life.